1Corithians 3;16.Rom;8;9.Heb;9;14.John;16;13.Heb;10;29.Rom;8;2.1peter;4:14.Eph1;17.Acts:1;4-5.Rom;1;4.Rom;8;15.

The titles and emblems of the Holy Spirit provide knowledge of His nature and functioning in the life of a beliver.Before we focus on the emblems of the Holy spirit let us first look at the titles of the Holy Spirit.


A title is a phraise that describes and explains a person’s position and function.For example if a person is a gorvernor ,the title describes his function in the gorvernment.The titles of the Holy Spirit as revealed in the bible shows us His function and position.

The Holy Spirit in the bible is refered to as;

(i).The Spirit of God.(ref ;1Corinthians 3;16)

(ii).The Spirit of Christ.(ref;Rom;8;9)

(iii).The Spirit of Truth.(ref;John;16;13).

(iv).The Spirit of grace.(ref;Heb:10;29).

(v).The Spirit of life.(ref;Romans;8;2).

(vi).The Spirit of glory.(ref;1Peter 4:14).

(vii).The Spirit of wisdom and revelation.(ref;Ephesians;1;17).

(viii).The comforter.(ref;John14;26).

(ix).The Spirit of promise.(ref;Acts;1;4-5).

(x).The Spirit of Holiness (ref;Rom;1;4).

(xi).The Spirit of faith.(ref;II Cor.4;13).

(xii).The Spirit of adoption.(ref;Rom;8;15).

All those texts show twelve titles associeted with the Holy Spirit.They describe His function and position in the life of a believer.If you allow Him to work in your life unhindered you will experience most of theese functions of the Holy Spirit in your life if only you believe.


An emblem is a symbol which has a special meaning.The Bible uses several emblems to represent the Holy Spirit.

(i).The Dove.(ref;John;1;32).

During Jesus baptism ,the Holy Spirit was revealed as a dove.This emblem of the Holy Spirit indicates approval,peace and purity.


Oil indicates light ,healing,and anointing for service.


Water signifies the new life and cleansing from sin tha the Holy Spirit brings to the believer.

(iv).A seal.(ref;Ephesians:1;13).

A seal is a special mark indicating ownership and also means finished work or transaction.The Holy Spirit has sealed believers as belonging to God.

(v).Wind.(ref;Acts 2;1-2).

You can see the vissible effects of wind but you cannot see it with your natural eyes.In the natural world,wind has special functions.Theese reveal more truth about the Spirit as wind.

The wind separates chaff from wheat.In a beliver the Holy Spirit will purify the life of a believer.

Wind fans dying coals and sets them ablaze.The wind of the Holy Spirit “fans”God’s people into revival and makes them a flaming fire of ministry to the lost.


The fire signifys;

The presence of the Lord.

Approval of the Lord.

Protection and guidance.



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